Wherever you are lucky enough to attend a LFC coaching programme we hope you have fun and enjoy learning how to play 'The Liverpool Way'.

Jürgen Klopp, Manager

Liverpool International Football Club is the best club in the world.

As one big LFC family we have a responsibility to provide young players around the world with access to the best environment and coaching possible, that's what we aim to achieve with our International Academies.

By following the same curriculum that we deliver to our players at the LFC Academy we can ensure that all participants get the very best football education from our coaching staff. I believe it’s very important to develop a players’ skills both on and off the pitch and our International Academies do just that.

I am extremely proud to be an ambassador of this fantastic programme which continues to go from strength to strength. This role allows me to take LFC to our young fans across the world and show them just what it means to be part of the LFC family.The Liverpool Way'.

Ian Rush - LFC Legend


Liverpool Football Club is recognized around the world as one of a small elite group of clubs with a true world wide reputation. For the last 50 years the Club has been at the forefront of British and European football, winning numerous championships and European club tournaments. During this time, there has been a consistent tradition of developing topclass players, particularly from the Liverpool area.

We believe passionately in a 'Liverpool Way' of doing things and indeed, football fans would identify a clear 'Liverpool Way' which sets us apart from other clubs in a real and tangible way. The value of hard work and togetherness, the capacity to overcome difficulties and above all, the principles of fair play and dignified behavior both on and off the field; a philosophy we call 'The Liverpool Way'.

We have always believed that we have a responsibility for the all round education of our young players as we prepare them not only for football but for life after football - a truly holistic approach.

Running alongside our player development programme , has been a coaching development programme. To play or work for Liverpool Football Club is a great honour. It does not matter whether you are 9, 19, 29 or 59 – the magic is the same. Football is a simple game but when talented players, gifted coaches and sensible parents get together, they can move mountains. Everyone should be aware of the traditions of this Club, the standards and values that the Club represents, the responsibility that we all share to behave in a professional way that seeks improvement, excellence and success without sacrificing the values that we hold so dear.

Amazing to see the mizo boys

Soma Hauhnar

I really wanna join this Academy.

Solomon Imesh

even i wanna play for dsk, not play bt wanna be a part of dsk family

Sandesh More

All the best, Liverpool 

Sagar Bahirao


Advait Benare

That is upsolutely magical.As a Liverpool fan am proud of you guys.

Cheriirop Suarezz Abednego

It's great to be a part of Liverpool thank you for an opportunity that we will never forget.

Abhilash Xavier


Dharak Makwana

Go DSK Go.

Kat Ithikkat

Keep it up guys.

Agyenim Boateng

Good going go ahead.........

Rakhi Chopra

thnxxx boyz

Vinay Borate

Well done guys, keep it going.

Andy Cambell

Go young reds.

Ashwin Joshi

Very good achievement in a short span of time. DSK U-19 may be the best U-19 team in India.

Harsh Pal Singh Badhiyari

Liverpool you have done a great job..... Keep up the good work to play the Liverpool way in India

Gouson Zomi

Well done Dave and the lads

Philip Sherwin

Good going boyssss

Sanu Amaze Trevor

All the best to you

Rose McDonald

Luv that ur bringing.

Prashant Opp X Foe

how lovely would it be to play here

Ayush Mayank Anurag

Mizoram Reds welcome our beloved Liverpool coaches and DSK Shivajians' officials..YNWA

Pachuau Vanlalpeka

wowwww this is so amazing Thank you Lord

Soma Hauhnar

i know i am dreaming like verne but how i hope one of those faces will soon be burning the grass across anfield as the kop shakes in absolute elation! #dreaming #YNWA!

Pinaki Banerjee

Thank you, Liverpool for Giving us an opportunity

Hruaitea Pachuau Kop

congrats boys ..d stage is set..u can now dream big..thanks to our very own Lfc..YNWA!

Wanshanborlang Ryngksai

Hope to be the lucky one...Big big fan of Liverpool & DSKLiverpool International Football Academy - DSK Shivajians

Pranay Kapuria

Thankyou #LFC #YNWA

Toshiba Khan